The Professional Locksmith Dictionary – Appendix 2018-09-18T13:18:55-04:00

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A, AA, AA1, 1AA, etc. key symbol key changes practical key changes
A, AA, AA1, 1AA, etc. keying symbol key changes theoretical key changes
A, AA, AA1, 1AA, etc. standard key coding system key insert knock-out tag
Ace type key tubular key key picking key manipulation
Ace type cylinder tubular key cylinder key pilot dimple #1
active door active leaf key pin bottom pin
active guard key guard key key plate escutcheon
active renter’s key renter’s key key post post (of a key)
across-the-key-progression total position progression key profile key section
actuating bar crash bar key punch key key bitting punch
adjacent cut differential maximum adjacent cut specification key stop stop (of a key)
angle of cut degree of rotation keyed common maison key system
anti-shim deadlocking keyhole plug keyhole lock
apartment entrance vestibule function keyhole ward side ward
architectural finish architectural finish code keying chart bitting list
armored front face plate keying chart key system schematic
ASA ANSI keying chart pinning chart
ASA strike ANSI 115.2 strike keying chart progression list
automatic dialer dialer keying diagram key system schematic
automatic extension flush bolt automatic flush bolt keying levels levels of keying
auxiliary bolt auxiliary lock keyset key symbol
auxiliary relocker external relocking device keyset keying symbol
back of blade bottom of blade keyway identifier key section identifier
backed off blade radiused blade bottom keyway post guide #2
ball bearing locking ball locking keyway shroud dust cover
ball detainer ball bearing keyway shroud drop
ball end pin bottom pin keyway shutter dust cover
barrel plug knob hub hub” #1
Basic Building Code BOCA knob latch latch
belly (British) sweep knob rose rose
bitting width included angle knob shank shank
blade tumbler disc tumbler laser key sidewinder key
blocking ring cylinder collar latch case active case
blockout key lockout key layout board layout tray
body puller slide hammer leftshoot (British) LH
bogus key blank non-original key blank level (of a cut) bitting depth
bolt stump (British) fence level (of a cut) root depth
bolt thrower (British) foot lever lever tumbler
bond tin bond box lever lever handle
bootleg key blank non-original key blank locating arm stop guage
bridge bridge ward lock bevel bevel (of a lock)
broken key extractor key extractor lock face face
builders’ hardware architectural hardware lock trigger relocking device
builders master key construction master key locked removal key retaining
bullet (British) keyway ward locking lug locking dog
bullet (British) ward cut locking pin mechanism monitor pin
burglar proof burglar resistant locking rod linkage
burning bar  thermal lance maintenance master key engineer’s key
butt hinge full mortise hinge master master key #1
bypass combination override combination master blank all-section key blank
carriage bar carry bar master blank multi-section key blank
case cap case cover master chip master pin
case cap face cap master key constant constant cut
cell pin chamber master key section all-section key blank
central key system maison key system master key section multi-section key blank
chain door lock chain lock master keying master key #2
chain key system selective key system maximum adjacent cut differential maximum adjacent cut specification
change key constant constant cut Mikey chart mykey chart
change key section single key section milling (of a key) key milling
change tool change key #2 milling (of a key) key section
chart pinning chart mono lock pre-assembled lockset
chart progression list mortise bolt one-way deadbolt
chart bitting list mortise cylinder blank cylinder blank
chart key system schematic moveable constant rotating constant
check door closer mushroom driver mushroom pin
chip master pin #1 N-R key non-removable key
chip key transponder key NLSA SHDA
chip key PATS key nose post guide #2
chip key VATS key O bitted zero bitted
CICC contactless smart card open code direct code
circular face drive-in open ended (British) open gated
code combinate original key code original key
code list bitting list original key factory original key
code list progression list panic bar exit device
code machine key coding machine panic device exit device
code number blind code patent motion component movable key insert
code number direct code peg ward (British) end ward
collar ward throat ward phantom key incidental master key
column master key vertical group master key pin cell pin chamber
combinant lever changeable lever pin (of a key) (British) post (of a key)
combined coding system hybrid locking system pin segment pin tumbler
common keyed maison key system pin set pin #2
common keyed cross keyed pin tray layout tray
common keyed cross keying pinning pin #2
compressor wheel pressure bar wheel pipe key (British) barrel key
connecting bar tailpiece pivot hinge pivot
contactless integrated circuit card contactless smart card plug iron plug follower
control pin build-up pin plug iron set-up plug
convenience key reversible key plug set-up chart pinning chart
conversion code substitution code plug vise plug holder
copy dog tracer plunger guard bolt
counterfeit key blank non-original key blank pot model traditional closer
curved pick hook pick primary sidebitted sidewinder key
cut depth bitting depth prison lock detention lock
cut depth root depth privacy set privacy function
cut profile key cut profile profile key section
cut rotation degree of rotation profile keyway #2
cylinder assembly cylinder program key reset key #1
cylinder assembly tool follower progression formula sequence of progression
cylinder bar tailpiece progression sequence sequence of progression
cylinder hull shell protected keyway protected key
cylinder plug plug pull ring drop ring
cylinder ring cylinder collar pullout key declining step key
cylinder rose cylinder collar push lock plunger lock
cylinder shell shell puzzle lock trick lock
data safe media safe quadrant master key four pin master key
day key change key #1 rabbeted bolt rabbeted lock
dayguard key lock daylock #1 rabbeted latch rabbeted lock
deadlatch deadlocking latch recode recombinate
deadlatch finger guard bolt rectangular face latch round cornered latch
deadlatch pin guard bolt rectangular face latch square cornered latch
deadlatching trigger guard bolt relock relocking device
deadlocking plunger guard bolt relocker relocking device
dent puller slide hammer reserved restricted
depth bitting depth reset recombinate
depth root depth retainer plug retainer
derived code derived series reverse keeper reverse strike
detainer disc rotary tumbler rightshoot (British) RH
dial flange dial ring rocker key manipulation key
dial pin drive pin root of cut cut root
dial shield spy proof dial ring rosette rose
disc wafer tumbler round face drive-in
disc master pin #1 safe head safe door, lift out
disc rotary tumbler safety deposit safe deposit
disc tumbler wafer tumbler safety factor maximum adjacent cut specification
divided bolt split bolt sample key pattern key
dog bolt hinge security stud sash ward (British) end ward
Dongle hardware key scalp face plate
door check door closer school house function classroom function
door coordinator coordinator schematic key system schematic
double bolt lock split bolt sectional key blank multiplex key system
double custody dual custody sectional keyway system multiplex key blank
double nose double horn sectional spindle split spindle
double sided key double bitted key selvedge face
downshoot (British) VD set combinate
drill pin post (of a lock) sex nut sex bolt
drilled key barrel key shaved blade radiused blade bottom
D-ring drop ring shedding key declining step key
drive lock diskette lock shoulder gauge guide #1
drive pin fixed fly shoulder guide stop gauge
drive wheel drive cam skew degree of rotation
driver drive cam slam hammer slam hammer
driver top pin slide spring cover
driver post keyway post sliding lever slider
drop arm lever (combination lock) slip gauge key gauge
drop escutcheon drop snib thumb stop
duplicate blank non-original key blank split pin master pin #1
dust cap dust cover spring bolt latch
encode combinate spring bolt automatic deadbolt
entrance ward side ward spring latch simple latch
fail secure non-fail safe spring latch latch
false plug plug follower stack height pin stack height
file key pattern key stem shank
finger lock drop bolt step increment
finish builders hardware architectural hardware step tolerance maximum adjacent cut specification
floating master key unassociated master key strike box dust box
floating master key selective master key strike plate strike
floor check floor closer striker strike
floor hinge floor closer stump (of a bolt)(British) fence
fly talon fly sub-assembled uncombinated #1
follower plug follower surface exit device rim exit device
following tool plug follower system code virtual keyway
formula key bitting array table nut tube nut
Fox Police Lock brace lock template keys depth key set
full size interchangeable core large format interchangeable core thermic cutter thermal lance
gauge key depth key set thimble plug holder
gauge key set-up key threaded cylinder mortise cylinder
genuine key blank original key blank throat throat ward
ghost key incidental master key thumb turn disc turn disc
grand master key section multi-section key blank tip ward cut end ward cut
grand master key section all-section key blank tip ward needle post (of a lock)
grooving key milling toothed serrated
guarded latch deadlocking latch torque blade tailpiece
guide keys depth key set total stack height pin stack
half diamond pick diamond pick transom lock transom catch
half rebate (British) half mortise trigger guard bolt
hold and vary rotating constant method trim ring cylinder collar
hollow post key barrel key trim ring rose
hose house padlock frangible shackle padlock tumbler wheel combination wheel
hull shell turning tool tension wrench
I-core IC turning wrench tension wrench
IC core IC uncoded uncombinated
ICC smart card Integrated circuit smart card unit lock pre-assembled lockset
identification carrier credential universal keyway composite keyway
imitation blank non-original key blank upshoot (British) VU
indirect code blind code utility lock cam lock
inner cylinder pop out cylinder vise arm shaft vise stud
interchange key interchange wafer wafer tumbler
jiggle key manipulation key wafer master pin #1
key bushing trunnion wheel combination wheel
key bypass key override wheel post post (of a lock) #2
key carriage carriage wheel ward (British) end ward
key change number blind code wiggle key manipulation key
key change number direct code wing bit #1
key change number key symbol wing key bit key