Introductory Locksmithing: Lock Functions

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Introduction Locks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, backsets, etc. These features were implemented to fill needs. Lock functions too were designed to fill needs. Situations exist where a door should always be locked, when it should never be locked, or when it should do X or Y. Locks with a variety of functions were and are therefore necessary to meet the needs of [...]

Tyler’s Take: Don’t Ignore the ‘Bible’!

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Introduction Far too often I have seen cylinders rekeyed incorrectly. I've seen this in person and online, specifically on YouTube. The incorrect rekeying process typically goes like this: Remove the cam/tailpiece. Remove the plug with a follower. Dump the old bottom pins. Install new bottom pins. Re-install plug. Re-install cam/tailpiece. [...]

Making Keys for an Older Wilson Bohannan Padlock

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Editor's Note: This is a guest column by Gordon, a locksport enthusiast from Arizona.  Hobbyists and locksport enthusiasts like Gordon are keeping some of the “lost arts” of locksmithing alive.  His tutorial, which originally appeared on a popular locksport site, is reproduced here with his gracious permission. This might not [...]

Introductory Locksmithing: Shimming Cylinders

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Introduction Locksmiths are usually lucky enough to have the current, soon to be old, keys available when rekeying locks. That’s not always the case, however, and there are times when you are expected to rekey pin tumbler cylinders, known hereafter as cylinders, that don’t have keys. Keys or no keys,you must first remove the cylinder(s) [...]

Library Update: Padlocks

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We’ve added more manufacturer's literature and manuals to our Padlocks page in the Library. New service manuals, technical data, and operating and changing instructions have been added for the following manufacturers: ABUS USA American Lock CCL Security Products (Including Sesamee and Travel Lock) Master Lock Company LLC Sargent and Greenleaf

The Simplex Combination Chamber

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For nearly 50 years the Simplex line has represented the most popular combination locks in the North American market. Even if you aren’t actively involved in the lock/security industry, you’ve seen them. Simplex locks are everywhere. Per KABA’s website: Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks offer a convenient way to control access between public and [...]

Sargent 10 Line Series Overview

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Manufacturer: Sargent Series: 10 Line Type: Cylindrical Leverset Warranty: 7 year limited Listing: Listed for 3 hour doors (double doors require 41-option). Certifications: ANSI A156.2 Series 4000-Grade 1. Meets UL 10C and UBC 7-2 (1997). Compliance: All levers conform to ADA requirement for barrier-free accessibility. Levers (L,J & P) conform to [...]