How Sargent’s 6300 Large Format Interchangeable Core Works Sargent 6300 Large Format Interchangeable Core History Sargent began producing their proprietary large format interchangeable core, the 6300, in the late 70s. It isn’t Sargent’s only core, they’ve actually manufactured 4 different core designs. It is, however, is the newest design they’ve manufactured so you’ll sometimes see/hear it referred [...]

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Exit Alarms, Part 2: Standalone Units

Standalone Exit Alarm Units As a quick recap from Part 1, compared to integrated units, standalone exit alarm units are usually the more cost-efficient option. They are surface-mounted and generally do not require any modifications to the door or frame beyond the mounting screws for the hardware. Additionally, the existing [...]

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Exit Alarms, Part 1: The Basics

Introduction As their name implies, exit alarms sends notification of an an egress, or exit, via an alarm. There are multiple reasons why building occupants would need to be made aware of an open door: Elopement - In healthcare, childcare (schools and nurseries), and senior care facilities, the monitoring of [...]

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Exit Alarms Library Update

We have updated the Exit Alarms page in the Library using our new format.  We have new literature and manuals for the following manufacturers: Alarm Lock Systems Inc. Arrow Lock & Door Hardware Detex Corporation Positive Lock, Inc. SARGENT Manufacturing Company Security Door Controls (SDC) We have also included a [...]

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How Yale’s Large Format Interchangeable Core Works Yale Large Format Interchangeable Core History Yale began producing their proprietary interchangeable core format, commonly called Yale LFIC, in 1960. They would receive a patent for this core in November of 1961. In the book The Core of the Matter, AJ Hoffman mentions that Yale also offered an Oval-shaped [...]

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DIY Pin Kit

I Dropped a Pin Kit A few weeks back I did the unthinkable: I dropped a pin kit. I've dropped pin kits before, don't get me wrong, but never in my locksmith career have I had one spill out. Here is the aftermath: Spilled Pin Kit You may [...]

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