Mortise Lock Library Update

We have updated our Mortise Lock Library page to match our new Library format. List of Manufacturers We now have 44 manufacturers listed with a link for each that points to their respective mortise lock page, when available, under the "List of Manufacturers" tab. Resources Under the "Resources" tab we [...]

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Library Update, Update

Introduction As we near the end of 2018 and close in on our first year as a website/project, we're still learning and trying to improve. One of our first areas on this website was our Library. The purpose of the Library was to be a definitive collection of resources relating [...]

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Using TMK Registers

Introduction TMK abb. top master key Top Master Key n. the highest level master key in a master key system In Fundamentals of Master Keying, Jerome Andrews brings up the following point: As you write a new TMK, how do you know that you haven't already used it for some [...]

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Inside U-Change Cylinders

The following article was written by Gordon, a locksport enthusiast from Arizona.  Note: I frequently come across people who still think this lock is the same internally as a Kwikset SmartKey.  Let me be clear on this from the start - internally, the U-Change is nothing at all like a SmartKey. Yes, the front of [...]

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Door Operators Library Update

We’ve recently updated our Door Operators page in the Library. In the 'Manufacturer's Literature and Manuals' tab, new documents have been added for the following manufacturers: Arrow Lock & Door Hardware CDVI Americas Detex Corporation DORMA Americas Falcon Hager Companies LCN Norton Door Controls Power Access Corporation Rixson Specialty Door Controls Security Door [...]

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Tyler’s Take: Do It the Right Way

Introduction In the July/August 2017 edition Keynotes I wrote an article titled Locksmithing Risk Mitigation: Preventing Callbacks. In this article, I identified the 3 sources of call backs: User error Technician error Manufacturer error As I noted in the article, we don't have much control over user and manufacturer error. Yes, [...]

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