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I am the Vice President of Security Engineering Consultants in Atlanta, GA, USA. I am a member of ALOA, the Clearstar Security Network, Locksmith Nation, and the Locksmith Security Association of Michigan. Email me here or follow me on Twitter.

Safe Manipulation Graph Paper Added to Tools

2020-02-22T22:11:54-05:00 December 16th, 2019|All, Safes|

We've a new section to our Tools page: Safe Manipulation Graph Paper. This section launches with multiple graph paper sheets that can assist with safe manipulation. At launch, there are 4-unit and 5-unit graphs available in both portrait and landscape layouts. These graphs are available in PDF and Excel formats, [...]

Locksmith Reference Needs Your Help!

2020-02-22T22:13:00-05:00 December 2nd, 2019|All, Tools Update|

The Exit Device ID Tool is almost here! The Exit Device ID Tool will allow locksmiths to identify unknown exit devices simply by answering 4 to 5 picture-based questions. At launch, 324 unique models will be represented across 39 different brands and manufacturers. Here are a few screenshots from the [...]

Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart Version 6.0 Released

2019-10-14T12:34:48-04:00 October 21st, 2019|All, Door Closers, Tools Update|

We have updated the Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart in the Tools Section. We’re now at Version 6.0 with 42 manufacturers/brands represented across 34 unique footprints and 301 unique models. As always, footprints are organized by horizontal center-to-center measurements, smallest to largest. If multiple footprints exist with the same horizontal center-to-center measurements, they are further [...]

Stop SELLING to SCAM Locksmiths

2019-10-14T10:24:30-04:00 October 15th, 2019|All, Locksmith News|

Please take a moment to visit and sign a petition that Chris Huffstetler has put together to request distributors and suppliers stop selling to locksmith scammers. LockReference.com endorses and supports this petition as we believe it is an important step in holding those who enable scammers accountable. Change.Org: Stop SELLING [...]

Locksmith Social Media Marketing Webinar Announced

2019-09-17T12:09:26-04:00 September 17th, 2019|All, Webinars|

This Thursday, September 19th, Wayne Winton will be hosting a free social media marketing webinar. This webinar is geared towards locksmiths who want to grow their businesses using social media. The webinar begins 3:00 PM MST/5:00 PM EST and the registration link can be found here. Take advantage of this [...]