Locksmith Terminology: Pin Tumbler Cylinders

2018-06-28T07:22:54-04:00 June 28th, 2018|All, Cores and Cylinders, Locksmith Terminology|

Introduction As I mentioned in last weeks Tyler's Take, learning and utilizing proper locksmith terminology is very beneficial to locksmiths. This week we're going to start our series of articles defining and illustrating locksmith terminology, in accordance with the LIST Council's Professional LOCKSMITH Dictionary, with arguably one of the most [...]

Other Lock Reference Websites

2018-06-25T18:07:57-04:00 June 26th, 2018|All, Industry|

We are not the only reference website available to help locksmiths. Here are a few others, in no particular order, that cover many of the same topics we do: Lockwiki Lockwiki, as it names suggests, is a lock reference website structured in a format similar to Wikipedia. Currently, there are [...]

Tyler’s Take: Standardized Locksmith Terminology

2018-06-21T09:57:38-04:00 June 21st, 2018|All, Tyler's Take|

Adoption of standardized terminology is vital for many industries, disciplines, and professions. Whether it be for medicine or computer science or electricians, it's important that the terminology being used is standardized so that everyone involved in those industries, disciplines, and/or professions are on the same page, or speaking the "same [...]

Library Update: Padlocks

2018-10-14T10:16:29-04:00 June 19th, 2018|All, Locks, Padlocks|

We’ve added more manufacturer's literature and manuals to our Padlocks page in the Library. New service manuals, technical data, and operating and changing instructions have been added for the following manufacturers: ABUS USA American Lock CCL Security Products (Including Sesamee and Travel Lock) Master Lock Company LLC Sargent and Greenleaf

Review: Locksmithing Video Courses

2018-06-13T09:05:04-04:00 June 14th, 2018|All, Video Review|

Besides the traditional correspondence school courses, there is video training available to aspiring locksmiths.  In a way, it makes sense. Correspondence courses date from when the postal service was the only way to do remote training, and that was limited to shipping paper and parts.  For a few decades now video has [...]

Library Update: Electromagnetic Locks

2018-10-14T10:16:17-04:00 June 12th, 2018|Access Control, All, Electromagnetic Locks|

We’ve added more manufacturer's literature and manuals to our Electromagnetic Locks page in the Library. New installation instructions and wiring diagrams have been added for the following manufacturers: Alarm Controls Corps. Alarm Lock Systems Inc. DORMA Americas DynaLock Corporation Hager Companies Rutherford Controls International (RCI) Schlage Security Door Controls (SDC) In [...]

Locksmith News Update

2018-06-10T11:28:07-04:00 June 11th, 2018|All, Locksmith News|

We have recently updated our "News" page. Previously, blog posts were automatically archived to that page. Going forward, blog posts will archive to the "Blog" page. We've also implemented a few other blog features to help deliver content to our readers: We've added a subscription form that allows you to [...]

The Simplex Combination Chamber

2018-10-14T10:16:06-04:00 June 5th, 2018|All, Locks, Mechanical Combination|

For nearly 50 years the Simplex line has represented the most popular combination locks in the North American market. Even if you aren’t actively involved in the lock/security industry, you’ve seen them. Simplex locks are everywhere. Per KABA’s website: Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks offer a convenient way to control access between public and [...]