Tyler’s Take: Bench Testing For Locksmiths

2018-04-06T08:12:47-04:00 March 29th, 2018|All, Tyler's Take|

If you already aren't practicing "bench testing", I would highly suggest that you start. A bench test, or bench testing, is defined as: the critical evaluation of a new or repaired component, device, apparatus, etc, prior to installation to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Perfect is overly subjective [...]

Library Update: High Security

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We've recently added more documents to our High Security page in the Library. In the Manufacturer's Literature and Manual section, you can find the following: ASSA High Security Locks Catalog and Technical Manual ASSA TWIN 6000 – Technical Service Manual  BiLock North America, Inc. Catalog BiLock Exploded Illustration Corbin Russwin, [...]

The Great Foley-Belsaw Scare

2018-03-19T20:35:15-04:00 March 22nd, 2018|All, Industry|

There was no small amount of hand-wringing several months ago when Foley-Belsaw announced the discontinuation of its locksmith correspondence course.  Several people proclaimed it was a sign of the end of locksmithing. And who can forget Gale Johnson's Changes In the Wind? If a company ceases to offer a correspondence [...]

Finding Locksmith Job Opportunities

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The purpose of this article is to help individuals looking for employment as a locksmith. While referenced directly by our "How to Become A Locksmith" article, this information can be used by experienced locksmiths as well. Finding job leads can be very hectic experience for some. The prospect of landing [...]

Update: How to Become A Locksmith

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We've added new information to our web page dedicated to those looking to get into the locksmithing trade: How to Become A Locksmith. This web page was something I put together on my previous blog to help out people who were interested in becoming a locksmith but might not know [...]

Patents That Shaped American Locksmithing, Part 3: Walter R. Schlage’s Cylindrical Lock

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Patent Number: 1,674,841 (Google Patents) Filing Date: August 20, 1923 Issue Date: June 26, 1928 Inventor(s): Walter R. Schlage Background I would personally consider the 19th century as the "golden era" of lock innovation and discovery. The first half of the century, or at least a large portion [...]

Review: The National Locksmith Guide: Door Lock Encyclopedia by Robert G. Sieveking

2018-09-24T18:19:17-04:00 March 10th, 2018|Book Review|

The National Locksmith Guide: Door Lock Encyclopedia by Robert G. Sieveking ISBN: N/A Publisher: Sieveking Products Company Pages: 218 Pages Dimensions: 8 ½" x 5 ½”   Price: $49 Purchase Instructions: Via the author’s web site. Contents Tools and Recombinating Cylinders American Eagle 5300 deadbolt, 5500 lockset, and 8500L lockset Arrow M and H [...]